Breeder of Merit

A breeder of merit is a prestigious title given to canine breeders that register and/show, and have productions register and show within the ICBR. The BOM will go into the preferred breeder’s database, recognized and listed on the website, and titled on all registration of produced dogs. End of year awards will be given!

This also gives breeders recognition for their hard work and dedication to their canine breed(s)!

Breeders are the foundation of all our beloved canine breeds and are very important to us!


  1. 5 produced champions and 2 grand champions registered and titled in the ICBR
  2. Good standing within the ICBR
  3. Shows outstanding breeder ethics
  4. Production can be breeders stock (currently bred by & owned) as well as new owners as long as they are registered and shown in the ICBR.

Royal Breed Winner

The ROYAL BREED WINNER award is given to the one dog in each breed that has won the most “Best of Breeds” in the current year.
Award will be give at the end of year at the ICBR Canine Nationals & added into the ICBR’s Hall of Fame!