We take pride in our team! More Representatives coming soon!!!

Melica Graber
In Memory <3
Jera Huntley
Office Manager
Tanya Cottrell
Office Operations/ Director of Representative South Carolina
My name is Tanya Cottrell and I live in South Carolina. My life in the dogs started back in 2006 when I owed my first American Bully that I got from Bill Lyvers in Texas. He was a blue American Bully that went by “Ciroc”. I loved the bully world and the shows. I met so many people that became lifelong friends. The dog world is so amazing, and it is like another family to me. I am now fascinated with the French Bulldogs, so I am learning all I can about them now and about to own my first one. I can’t wait to start my breeding program over from scratch with what I want to do instead of what everyone else wanted. I am getting the best education about them and doing my research. I went to shows with ABKC, BCR, RKC, IBKC and ABR. I was a rep for a short period when ABR first started out. I helped in the creating of their flow charts and paperwork. I have also worked ABKC events assisting reps, judges, etc. I have been in the clerical/data entry field for as long as I can remember. I have over 20 years of experience that I am bringing to ICBR and I look forward to working with two of the greatest people I know and some old/new friends. Cannot wait to see you all at the shows!!
Rolando Bigalbal
Philippian/US Rep
Rolando has been a part of ICBR since the very beginning. Philippines registrations can be processed directly thru Rolando. He can be contacted on Facebook, which is below.
Mike Ruiz
Representative North Carolina
Hello, my name is Mike Ruiz my life as a dog man started back in 1993/94 w/ APBT as I started my line of Crenshaw/Garner blood for a few years & then moved on to start showing in ABKC in 2008 w/ my production XL CH Dozer. Here are some of the many dogs that I have titled GRCH Bison, Dual Ch Purple Hulu,Ch Pebbles then GRCH Bear, GRCH Cha Ching,Ch Lighting & the list goes on still showing in ABKC. Also still holding a Best Of Breed record for ABKC of 73 Best Of Breed for The American Bully for 1 show season most known as Tropboiz The Bear. After all the huge accomplishments in 2017 & 2018 being top dog 2 years in a row we also took 2018 Nationals. That win put us in the history books for a TopDog to win nationals in the same year, well after the team stopped showing Bear to prep for new up & comers. I’ve moved on to become a judge for “CBR”& also “BRC” & now here for ICBR! I am looking forward on seeing & touching a lot of dogs & remember stay humble & professional.
Kristin Nichelson
Representative in Memphis

Hi, I'm Kristin. I have a wonderful husband and four beautiful children. We love to travel and do sports together. I've loved and worked with animals my whole life. I got started by being the kennel help in a small grooming salon. From there i kept moving up. I've been grooming for 13 years now. I am now a master groomer and own my own grooming salon. I've been around dog shows and assisting since i was a teenager. I started showing in AKC my own Cane Corso in 2020 and now have three beautiful examples of the breed. I am so happy to be apart of the ICBR team. I hope to continue to grow and learn with this registry. 

Jameria Haley
Representative in Mississippi
Rosalinda Soto
Representative in Nebraska