Terry Huntley
President / CEO South Carolina

My name is Terry Huntley and I live in South Carolina. My life with dogs started with the American Pit Bull Terrier in 1994 with ADBA registered dogs with conformation weight pulls in North Carolina. Over the years as my knowledge grew, I began to move over to the bully breeds in 2006. Currently, I am active in many registries such as the AKC, UKC, BRC & International conformation dog shows for the American bully, French bulldog, English bulldog, and the Chinese ChongQing. Throughout the years, I have extensively researched and studied the breed structure and history in order to produce sound quality dogs. My breeding program has produced several champions and grand champions. This includes the American Bully, & the French bulldog. I have also professionally handled for others and obtained championship titles on those as well. In 2014, my passion and dedication to the American Bully Kennel Club paid off and I was proud to accept my title as a judge within the registry. Being a Judge, my main goal is to educate the community about the breed standards, structure, & to be a positive role model for others. In 2020, my love for the canine species have pushed me to create one of the best canine dog registries around. The Innovative canine Breeder Registry (ICBR). Backed with the love and support of not only my personal family, but my dog family as well.

Rebecca Harriss
Director of Judges
I would like to say that this young lady truly doesn't need any introduction but here for the very few who may not know who she is Rebecca Harris our new Senior Judge and Director of Training Judges. She has been judging for 15 (including 1 AKC sweepstakes, UKC and ASCA and ABKC). She has been showing for 22 years and have had APBT’s I owned or bred (Cali Girl Kellens) in th Top 10 for 10 years. She has also shown and Campaigned a Pembrook Welsh Corgie, a Beagle and have shown many other breeds in AKC, UKC, IABCA and a few more registries. Please give a warm ICBR welcome to Rebecca Harris. Welcome to the family
Sean Thomas
Honorable Senior Judge Colorado
Sean Thomas, Co-Owner of Old School Bullies breeder of high quality French Bulldogs and English bulldogs. We have been around as a kennel for 15+yrs first in the American Bulldogs and then transitioned to the French and English Bulldogs for the past 6yrs. I have worked in the background of shows for year stewarding/sponsoring and working behind the scenes at shows for NKC. I look forward to working with ICBR and continuing my experience with the different canine breeds.
Delwin Johnson
Judge in North Carolina
Most know me as Vibe D Johnson, but officially it is Delwin Johnson. I have loved animals ever since early childhood. My favorite preference was dogs. I’ve been breeding and showing for more than 30 years. I’ve been a part of the bully community since the beginning of the American Bully breed. During my military career I have traveled to other countries. While they’re being introduced to new breeders, dog fanciers, and many breed types. While in Hanau, Germany I started showing in the show ring. This is when I found the true love of showing and breeding to the correct standard. I’m a true fancier of bully breeds; I show French bulldogs and Exotic bullies. I have bred English bulldogs as well. I love what I do and so honored to be a part of the ICBR judging team.
Mike Ruiz
Judge North Carolina
Hello, my name is Mike Ruiz my life as a dog man started back in 1993/94 w/ APBT as I started my line of Crenshaw/Garner blood for a few years & then moved on to start showing in ABKC in 2008 w/ my production XL CH Dozer. Here are some of the many dogs that I have titled GRCH Bison, Dual Ch Purple Hulu,Ch Pebbles then GRCH Bear, GRCH Cha Ching,Ch Lighting & the list goes on still showing in ABKC. Also still holding a Best Of Breed record for ABKC of 73 Best Of Breed for The American Bully for 1 show season most known as Tropboiz The Bear. After all the huge accomplishments in 2017 & 2018 being top dog 2 years in a row we also took 2018 Nationals. That win put us in the history books for a TopDog to win nationals in the same year, well after the team stopped showing Bear to prep for new up & comers. I’ve moved on to become a judge for “CBR”& also “BRC” & now here for ICBR! I am looking forward on seeing & touching a lot of dogs & remember stay humble & professional.
Robert Coins
Judge Oregon
Creator of TeamNoNuts most dynamic female show group 2015 most dedicated 2016 most dedicated 2016 PBM member of the year 2016 abkc Mexico national FB BOB winner 2016 GrCh Ava Fontaine midwest baddest bitch 2017 abkc Mexico national FB BOB winner 2017 abkc top fb 2017 abkc think like a champion award 2018 abkc think like a Grand Champion 1/1 2018 brc top fb 2018 abkc #2 fb Abkc 28th & 31st Female GrCh produced & handled Titled 5 GrCh & 13 champions multi registries ukc, abkc, brc, rkc
Johnathan Rousey
Judge Georgia
My name is Johnathan Rousey and I live in Georgia. My interest in dogs started at a very young age. My family started raising AKC Boxers when I was around 8 years old. Which is where my love for the bulldog breeds started. Then in 2014 I started breeding CKC American Pitbull terriers, and that’s when my life as a breeder began. Which has been one of my best choices in life. In 2015 I started my journey with the American bully breed. To be honest I didn’t know what I wanted out of the breed, so I ended up selling my entire yard twice. Then once I gained the knowledge and did my research and knew what I wanted out of the breed. I started my own kennel which is called Rousey Rowdy Bulliez. I started breeding the American bullies I gain a lot of interest in the ABKC confirmation shows. On January 26, 2019, I went to my first dog show which was the ABKC super bowl V at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, Georgia. I went just to get the feel of the show life, and now I have been showing and handling my own dogs for two years. I have also handled and showed clients dogs. I not only show American Bullies, but also own and show French Bulldogs and English Bull Terriers. And now I have the opportunity to take the next step in my journey. I have been offered to Join the ICBR family as a judge. I couldn’t thank Terry & Melica enough for this amazing opportunity. I am eager to continue my knowledge and I can’t wait to see everyone out there!!!!!!!!
Antonio McClenny
Judge Virginia
My name is Antonio McClenny. I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA, where I still currently reside. My experience with the Bully breeds, and Rottweilers go all the way back to my childhood. My family has always had bully breeds and Rottweilers and as a child it was something that I naturally gravitated to. My uncles were and still are a heavy influence on me learning the details and mannerisms of the dogs that most people will overlook, in particular, the Pitbull. My uncles teaching me the small details is where the passion for the bully breed came from. “Thank you.” In 2003 while in college I began to heavily research the American Bully. I researched and learned about the breed for the next few years until I graduated from college. After college I got my first American Bully, and in 2006 I attended my first American Bully dog show. This is the moment I knew that this would be my breed of choice, in particular the XL Bully. After years of working, learning and winning with some great partners, I branched out on my own and started my own Kennel in 2014 which now known as The Potter’s House. Over the years there were some nice XL American Bullies produced but my most noted program Bully is Grand Champion Rick Ross. He retired as one of the most decorated XL American Bullies in history, having won multiple Best in Shows in every registry we competed in. I trained and handled him from start to finish. I went on to produce several other XL Champions as well. In 2018 I was given the opportunity to become a show judge with the CBR, whom I still work with, and where I’ve judged several shows on the east coast. With my knowledge, experience, and success in the show ring in several different registries with an XL American Bully, I’m able to bring a prospective to the show ring and the XL Community that will make more of our XL Bully owners want to compete in a sanctioned event. I look forward to working with and learning from the ICBR community and joining this great team of judges and officials while adding another great registry that I will be working with.
Pearl Smitherman
Judge Mississippi
I have always owned dogs. Started showing in 1982. I have shown owned and finished Airdale, Irish Cairn, American Staffordshire,Australian,Smove Fox,Jack Russell, Terriers, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Bull Mastiff, English Mastiff, Mini Poodle, Australian Cattle Dog, American Bully, Olde English Bulldogges . I have shown and finished for clients Bull Terrier, Shiba Inu, Akitas,Schnauzers all 3 varieties, Dachshund, Brussels Griffon, Welsh Terriers. I look forward to working with ICBR!
Mark Darwish
Judge (all breed) South Carolina
Hello! I am Mark Darwish and I have been active in purebred dogs since 1992. My first breed was Rottweilers and to this day I will always have a one in my life. I have ventured in several other breeds over the years including Bulldogs and Papillons. 10 years ago, my wife and I decided to try Staffordshire Bull Terriers, which is now our main breed. We added American Staffordshire Terriers in the last 5 years. We also have an American Bully, Olde, Dogo Argentino and Cane Corso that we have for the purpose of showing. I started showing my Rottweilers in 1992 and showed on and off every breed I had. Now my wife and I are showing our Stafford’s and have been successful in our breeding program and our show and handling career. We train and handle different breeds for AKC mainly but do participate in other registries. At home we have several bred by champions and grand champions with several ranked dogs over the years. My wife and I have handled several breeds over the years in all groups. We strive to stay true to the standard of each breed both in conformation and temperament.
Adriana Darwish
Judge (all breed) South Carolina
I am a wife and a mother of 3 boys, well, actually all men now. I have been in dogs for over 18 years, beginning with Rottweilers. We now show and raise many different breeds. Shown many different breeds, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Dogos, French Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogges, Bloodhounds, Barnet, Kerry Blue Terriers, Scottish Terriers, etc...to name a few. Put numerous titles on many of our dogs as well as other people's dogs. Recently received a Breeder of Merit from the AKC. I've judged matches and stewarded for AKC as well!
John Bridges
Judge Mississippi
My name is John Bridges. I'm from Mississippi. I'm a dog lover of various breeds. I started showing American Bullies in 2018. Since that day I have been an advocate helping, encouraging, and educating people on showing American Bullies. Im also part of a Mississippi Dog Base group name BullyWorldOrder (BWO). We travel showing American Bullies. In our first year we champed out 7 dogs
Robert Robinson
Judge (All Breed) South Carolina
My name is Robert Robinson, and I am from Upstate, South Carolina. I have been involved with dogs my whole life. I grew up with Chow Chows and Rat Terriers. I currently own and breed dogs from the Herding, Non-Sporting, and Toy group. I have handled many breeds to become champions, grand champions, specialty winners, and top dogs in their breed in several registries, including AKC, UKC, and BBCR. I have been involved in judging dogs and Junior Handlers for the last ten years. I have mentored and trained several Junior Handlers in multiple breeds. I am looking forward to evaluating your dogs to help better the breeding stock of purebred dogs.
Eric Soto
Judge North Carolina
My name is Eric Soto and I reside in Seagrove North Carolina. My first interest for dogs started with the American Pitbull Terrier as a young teenager. During my time in the military, I found a new love for the American Bully. As soon as I had the opportunity to settle down, I purchased 3 American Bullies and champed out 2 out of 3 within a year. I then started breeding and showing as a side hobby and developed a great passion for all bull breeds. My wife Jennifer and I decided to venture into the French Bulldogs in 2018. We purchased our first French Bulldog and earned several champion titles with her very quickly! We then started breeding her to create some of our own French Bulldog productions. My love for dogs started as a passion and has developed into a lifestyle. I currently show in all bull breed registries and some all-breed registries that accept the American Bully. I have title dogs with ABKC, BRC, BBCR, and UKC. I am very excited to start my journey with the ICBR!!
De'Eric Baldwin
Judge North Carolina
I started breeding dogs in 1998. I was breeding AKC Japanese Akita’s with Uncle. We had a few Champions. Then I moved to breeding the American Bullies in 2008. Did a lot there Champion and Gr Champion. Even produced a few Champions myself. My biggest accomplishment was having the number 2 extreme bully in the world in 2012 behind Big Poppa with Show 1st Bullys Ch. Tank the Diesel. In 2015 I switched over to exotics and never looked back. I’m breeding now to create the working class exotic. I am very excited to be apart of ICBR
David Helmon Jr.
Judge Virginia
Cullene Miranda
Judge Nevada
Hello, my name is Cullene Miranda. I am the owner of "Warriors Of Italy Kennels" , where I raise amazing Cane Corsi. I started showing animals when I was 13 years old and never stopped being involved. In 2009 I began my venture with the Majestic Cane Corso and I was obsessed ever since! I started my journey wanting to grow and educate myself on every aspect of raising, maintaining, operating and becoming the best Breeder I could be. These dogs are pretty much my life. So, it was only natural for me to want to make sure they were the healthiest they can be with the temperment to match. I am currently an AKC Evaluator, AKC Fit 1 & 2 Certified, ATT Certified and have taken advantage of all the Breeders' education courses I could. I also have my Veterinarian Technician degree, which I only pursued because of my love for these animals. NOW, I am so excited to be a part of this INCREDIBLE Registry. I look forward to meeting all of the wonderful breeders, animal lovers and especially the dogs . I also would like everyone to know, I am very approachable and don't mind in the least if you have any questions I can help with.
Leon L. McBride
Judge South Carolina
My name is Leon L. McBride and I reside in South Carolina. I have been an owner and advocate for dogs all of my life. My father raised Boxers and Chow Chows for many years. At the age of 18, I purchased my first Pitbull. That’s when I fell in love with the American Pit Bull Terrier breed and joined the fight against BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). I purchased my first American Bully in 2008. Shortly after, I had the opportunity to travel all over the States to show my second American Bully, Champion Grey Goose. In 2009, I became the proud founder of FuzzyBoi Kennels. I have produced Grand Champion Lil Boosie Badazz along with several other Champions. I’ve been privileged to be a member of The Bully Embassy since 2015. I have shown in several registries such as ABKC, Remyline, and BRC. I have a devout love when it comes to the American Bully and excited to work with many new canine breeds with ICBR!!!
Chad Mayo
Judge in Washington

Mr. Chad Mayo is diverse in many breeds including the Neopolitan Mastiff, Bull Terrier, American Bully and more. Beginning his career in AKC and many home breed registries with countless champions and grand champions of his own, and willingness to help others reach their goals with their own personal titles in dogs. Chad has judging experience in other registries, including frequenting overseas in Equador on multiple occasions. Chad is also the creator behind the concept breed "Molloso Presa Mayo" which has a lot of attention all over the globe. We are excited for him to share his experience and knowledge furthermore with our wonderful canine community. Lets give him a warm welcome to the ICBR family.

Karyn Myers
From the office of the ICBR, everyone please welcome our latest addition to the judging ranks Kayrn Meyer (pronounced Ka-rin). Her resume includes, Started showing in AKC conformation in 1974 UKC judge since 2011 IBKC Judge Breeder/Owner of 25+ UKC Champions Owner of 7 ABKC Champions Breeder/owner/handler of 20+ AKC Champions Handler of 30+ AKC Champions not owned by me Instructor of handling class 11 years. Welcome to the family Karyn.
Rich Harriss
Judge in California
My name is Rich Harris and I am the founder of Old School Bullies. I have been around dogs all my life but in 1997 I saw an American Bulldog for the first time and instantly fell in love. From that day I started researching the breed so that I could learn all I could about the bully style American Bulldog. By early 2000 I had acquired enough knowledge and I produced my first two litters of American Bulldogs. From these original two litters I picked a puppy that I eventually named Matrix and as they say the rest is history. Matrix turned out to be one of the top sought after studs in the early 2000s. I was never a show guy but I always attended shows to support my breed of choice. Of course I would bring out my dogs and everyone would always come up to me to talk about my dogs. Others would say you need to put them in the ring to really show them off. Eventually I entered a dog show and started getting a few wins. In my second show I ended up winning Best of Breed with Matrix. I have to admit that winning was great but I have always had more pleasure creating the best bulldog possible. I have produced a lot of champions and international champions and this to me is more rewarding than me personally winning in the ring. In 2004 I started judging American Bulldogs and I have been blessed to judge not only in the United States but I have also judged internationally in Germany and Denmark. I was also asked to judge in Hungary but was unable to attend due to other commitments. My love for bulldogs didn’t stop with American Bulldogs. I have owned and produced Oldes, French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs. Currently I am focusing on rare colored English Bulldogs while my partner Sean Thomas holds down the French Bulldog side of the business. I look forward to working with the ICBR. This experience will not only keep me up to par on what is going on with the bully breeds but it will allow me to expand my knowledge into the multitude of dog breeds that we will come in contact with.
Brandon Kelley
Judge in Louisiana

Hello my name Is Brandon Kelley and I’m from New Orleans Louisiana. I started with dogs at the age of 6 years old. My family bred and raised Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and cocker spaniels. In 2014 I started my journey with showing dogs. I fell in love with dog shows so in 2017 I started throwing shows and judging shows. Judging and showing dogs is my passion and there is no registry like icbr and I’m honored to be a part of the Icbr team.

Chester Rose
Judge in North Carolina

Bio coming soon!

Daniel Rosa
Judge in North Carolina
My name is Daniel Rosa... our kennel name is Prestigio ( with Billie Anderson) . I have been showing dogs for 40 years. During that time i visit multiple countries in South Central America...as well as European countries. As a handler i show at FCI..AKC..and multiple registries. For years i have teached handling classes. As an AKC HANDLER i attend shows around the USA. This 2024 i will return to travel overseas to do more FCI shows. I have been the handler on many top AKC dogs as well and many world champion dogs. I enjoy been part of this group and im looking foward to keep judging at the shows.
Daniel Croker
Judge in North Carolina
Let’s welcome our new judge, Daniel N. Croker My name is Daniel Croker and I’m a retired U.S. Army Veteran from the small town of Moncks Corner, South Carolina. As far back as I remember, throughout my childhood, I’ve always been passionate about dogs, regardless of breed. I’ve been breeding/showing dogs for more than 20 years, and have been involved in the Bully Community since the origin of the American Bully breed and other Bully breeds. During my military tenure, I’ve traveled to several countries and have met other breeders, dog enthusiasts, and owners. On many occasions, I’ve been introduced to several unfamiliar breeds, and shortly thereafter, I would find myself researching the breed standards through the power of Google in an effort to continue to educate myself. I am an advocate for all bully breeds, and an advocate for breed standards. As being a part of the Bully/French Bulldog community, I want to make a difference in the representation of the quality and preservation of all dog breeds. I look forward to being a part of the ICBR Family, in hopes that I can somehow be a part of their continued success.
Mick Oconnor
Judge international
I have been in dogs since born my family bred our own line of jack Russell’s little over 10 years ago then got into bull breeds I had two daughters and we got our Olde English Bulldog making him up as a champion in Ireland I was part of running the first biggest bull breed show in Ireland which was Rkc & Ubber show after this I was part of setting up the biggest registry in Ireland at the time IBKC also was part of running the Abkc Ireland shows which was all great success I have made up multi-able champions across the registry’s all over Europe and judged bull breed shows in Ireland i am looking forward to judging in Holland this year for DBKC also a massive opportunity to go judge for the world wide registry ICBR as a professional handler I judge the dog and pick out it’s good and bad points
Kristina Browne
Judge in Georgia
Have been breeding and showing dogs since 2001, Have been Judging for UKC since 2009 till 2018, and still judge performance with UKC. Currently also a USBR judge, and have also Judged the Sweepstakes for the American Staffordshire Terrier's with AKC. I have produced over 53 Champions/Grand Champions across many registries. I Currently breed and show APBT'S - AMSTAFFS - and Shortybulls. I produced owner handled the 2022 #1 Shortybull in ABKC.
Jolene Dodd
Judge international
Mara Bunker
Judge international
Mara de Boer-van Dongeren. Very cliché but we have always had a dog at home and after my first Staffordshire bull terrier when I was 19 years old, I started to focus my knowledge and training mainly on dogs in different areas, both behavioral therapy and health. We have been attached to the American Bully since 2014, before that was the Staffordshire Bull Terrier that we had at home and also showed at the FCI shows. In 2015 our kennel name Cave Canem Bully Firm was created and we had our first litter. It later turned out that our first ABKC XL Champion was also born. Then a DBKC Junior Champion and the first and only DBKC exotic Grand Champion. And our new generation is well on its way. I have visited a lot of shows both at home and abroad, as well as organizing shows myself for a number of years. In addition, since 2005 I have my own dog rehabilitation practice, Hydrotherapy center for dogs. In which, in addition to my education (i am a animal engineer and vet tech), I have gained a lot of experience in exterior, movement, conformation and behavior. In our own breeding program we pay a lot of attention to health tests, such as hips/elbows/heart/patella and the embark DNA test. We currently have 14 American Bullies, exotic/pocket/standard/XL. But focus our breeding program on the Pocket and XL Bully.
Sierra Ramsey
Judge in Florida
My name is Sierra Ramsey. I was born and raised in North Carolina but currently reside in Florida. I have always had a love for animals and from the age of 17-20 I worked at a veterinarian clinic part time while attending college. In 2017 I imported my first French Bulldog from the UK. Then in 2020 I graduated from North Carolina State University with a bachelor’s degree in animal science and business management. During this time, I studied animal nutrition, reproduction, and genetics extensively and was able to apply my education to my breeding program. In 2019 I was introduced to the dog show world and began show training and professionally handling French Bulldog’s, American Bullies and AKC Champion Great Danes. In addition, I produced, trained, and handled my own exotic French Bulldog to her Championship title and continue to do so with her offspring. Furthermore, I judged the largest fun shows in Atlanta and Louisiana in 2022 and 2023. I continuously strive to grow my knowledge and experiences within the dog community, while educating others for the betterment of the breeds.
Johntae Brown
Judge in Alabama
My name is Johntae Brown, I was born, raised ,and currently live in Alabama. My passion for dogs started as early as I can remember. I would spend a lot of my time in encyclopedias studying dogs and drawing different breeds. Growing up several members of my family tried their hand at breeding dogs in which I was always eager to help. My background comes from the American Pitbull Terrier after that I transitioned over to the American bully and English bulldog. I found the passion for breeding ,showing , and handling since then I’ve had the pleasure to handle and finish my dogs and the dogs of others. I am extremely grateful, blessed, and excited to be apart of the ICBR team and the bully community.
Moses Barrow
Judge in North Carolina
My name is Moses (Mo) Barrow. I was born and raised in Irvington NJ. I currently reside in Raeford NC. I have been a part of the Bull Breed community since 2005 when I purchased my first American Bully. I quickly developed a passion for the American Bully. I would spend long hours after work on the internet and on the phone with breeders researching pedigrees and dogs. In 2007, I co-founded BarrowsBlueBullies. We produced countless champions and grand champions, we have also produced males that have sired National winners. Our biggest accomplishment as a kennel was in 2009 I produced the legendary BarrowsBlueBullies Big Poppa who is one of the most decorated American Bully’s in history. I personally handled him to each and every victory including the title of top dog in 2012. In 2013 I took on the challenge to become a judge. I took the same approach to being a judge that I took to being a breeder. I researched the breeds for hours upon hours and learned as much as I could from judges that were considered specific breed experts. Armed with this knowledge I quickly became one of the most active judges in the Bull Breed community. I was tasked with judging the first ever American Bully European Nationals in Zamora, Spain. I have also judged in Italy, the Netherlands, and the Philippines for multiple registries. In 2018, I judged my first National Show in the United States. I have held judging seminars both domestically and internationally as well. I am both excited to be working with the ICBR.
Alicia Turner
Judge in North Carolina
Lauren Eckels
Judge in North Carolina
My name is Lauren Eckels I grew up in Sweetwater Tennessee, where my passion for dogs began. At a very young age my father raised Beagles. Also over the years we had many household pets such as a Chow, Miniature Doberman Pinscher, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. So naturally I grew a bond with each,and every dog we had. Years later as I grew older, and I wanted dogs of my own. I was introduced to the American Bully Breed and fell in love.Their temperament and my strive to learn to handle these amazing dogs opened to doors to dog shows,and new opportunities. Years later I have great accomplishments from having Champion titled one of the youngest dogs in BRC, for a friend. Also getting my own dogs ABKC, BRC, and ICBR Championships. I have met so many amazing people, with endless knowledge of all breeds in these communities. That's when I knew that I wanted to know all the breed standards, and push forward to pursue to be an honorable judge, like the people I have met. Today I am proud to be an ICBR judge in a community with so many great people.To stand shoulder to shoulder with them is a true honor.
Jim Stempka
Judge in Pennsylvania
Hello my name is, Jim Stempka . I live in North East pa.. I have been involved with breeding/showing dogs since the mid 1980’s . I have bred/shown English Springer Spaniels for 20+ years.having 10+ AKC Champions. I have judged AKC specialty fun shows. Also an AKC All breed fun show and Sporting group. I have also owned Labrador Retrievers, and English Pointers.i have had Pitt Bulls for many years and about 5 yrs. Ago, I saw my first American Bully, and fell in love with the breed a few months later I bought my first American Bully and then my second. I now have 9 . And recently have gotten my first French Bulldog. I have shown in ABKC and champed my dog out. I have . I have shown and finished an ICBR Champion and Grand Champion I’m looking forward to working and learning from the ICBR Judges panel.
Abel Villarreal
Judge in Oregon
My name is abel Villarreal. From Portland oregon I started on my journey in dogs in 2012 with American bullys but really kicked off in 2013. Since then I have produced and handled many champions and grand champions as well as best in show. Traveling throughout the country and attending ABKC, UKC and BRCG shows. But my journey didn't stop at am bulls. I have also shown french bulldog and titled as well as shortybulls. at one point in my time i got the opportunity to be a BRCG judge for a few yrs but had to step away do to health. I was also part of the jr handlers Merritt program with abkc to help the jrs grow in our lovely sport. I produced 2016 number 1 American bully in ukc while still being able to compete in abkc best in show as a classic and shown top 4 with another in who went on to be an abkc and ukc grand champion as well as many others. I've had the pleasure of handing many clients dogs and helping them achieve their titles. And I've had great pleasure of teaching some pretty great young handlers.
Anthony Gonzales
Judge in Colodaro