The American Bully has 4 varieties. Standard, Extreme, Pocket, and classic

Head is large and well defined with a nice deep stop

​Muzzle is wide and blocky. Not snipey or narrow

​Teeth – Even scissor bite. No overshot or undershot; No wry jaw.

​Nose – Opened nostrils, all nose colors are acceptable (black, gray, liver, spotted)

Eyes are round and set apart. Any color is acceptable. No bugged or bulging. No cherry eyes, no extreme white showing

​Ears set high. Cropped or natural

​Neck – Thick and arched

​Body – Wide, blacked, heavy mass and bone. big rib cage, back is wide.

Topline is straight with a slight rise at the croup that slopes at the base of the tail. Loin is thick and wide.

​Forequarters are muscular and laid back, set wide apart

Hindquarters are very muscular and not cowhocked. Rump is well filled and round. Rear pastern are straight and parallel to each other.

​Tail – Extension of the topline and tapers toward the end. Gay or challenged tails and kinked not desired.

​All coat colors are accepted. This includes merle

​Feet are tight, nails well groomed. No severe easty westy, turned feet, low pasterns, splayed feet

​Gait – Moves with confidence and attitude. Effortless, powerful when moving.

Crossing in the front is undesirable.

​Standard height is above 16 inches and not taller than 20 inches

Pocket bullies has the same standard build frame but shorter and compact.

height for male and female is under 16 inches

Extreme bullies have a larger body, wider chest with a bigger head with the same standard above. The topline may be slightly longer due to the larger frame. There is no weight limit and no taller than 20 inches. 

Extreme can be pocket, standard.

Classic bullies are a smaller framed bully with the same standard height. Resembling a pitbull

​Disqualifications – Human aggressive, cryptorchidism (missing one or both testicle)(including undescended), Albinism

​The beginning of the American Bully breed was first introduced by the ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club) and is now is accepted in many different registries all across the world!