The Exotic Bully has 2 separate breeds. Standard and Toy

Color – Any color coat is acceptable. 
Nose – Any nose color is acceptable
True Albinism is a disqualification

Head – Wide, broad, thick skull, heavy cheek bones

Ears can be cropped or natural
Muzzle is short, smushed, pushed back (2 fingers or less) with a wide appearance
Eyes are round and can be any color
Bite can be scissor or undershot. Not overshot
Neck is well arched and very thick. no long necks
Shoulders are also wide and thick with defined muscles. Also compliments the neck.
Back can be short, average, or a little longer proportioned to height
Front legs are thick and strong
Hind quarter- Muscular with powerful appearance
Chest is wide, low, and thick
Gate is powerful with confidence. Must be able to move.
the standard exotic can be any height
Toy exotic is under 12 inches and will be considered a table breed (judged on the table) due to size. 
All exotics entered into the conformation show must be able to move without restraint. 
** Please note ** the conformation show is not a stack off **