The French Bulldog is comical, confident, cartoon breed. Despite their goofiness, they are loveable, and steals the hearts of their owners. 

On the lead, their confidence shows. Shyness, insecure, and skittish behavior is undesirable. 


  • Big Ears / Bat like / Bigger the better / Ears are rounded, not pointed
  • Flat skull between the ears
  • Muzzle wide and with a good, nice layback appearance 
  • Under jaw is slightly undershot. Disqualification – Overshot, Wry Jaw
  • Nice round solid cheeks
  • Nose is black on any color besides cream and honey pied


  • Nice length of neck with a slight arch
  • Feet – Tight; Nails short and well groomed
  • Wide rib cage that’s proportionate to the size of the dog. Cobby & compact with nice bone. Chest should have a deep, full appearance, squared. Rear feet should be seen through the front legs.
  • Tail – Carried low
  • Topline – Rising progressively from the withers toward the loin. Which is also called Roach back. Slight fall close behind the shoulders, gradually rising to the loin which is higher than the shoulder and rounding at the croup.
  • Hindquarters – Slightly higher than the front


Should be a 4-tracking foot pattern

Front assembly should be slightly wider than the rear. You should be able to see the rear legs through the front when coming toward you. The dog/bitch should move gracefully, very attentive, and alert. No paddling or crossing.


Dog/Male – 29 pounds           Bitch/Female – 27 pounds

Colors:Brindle, Cream, Fawn, Pied (no exotic colors)