Appearance – Short coat, strong muscled, and very athletic.

Head – Very large, skull and muzzle is same in size and join at the stop. The stop has a deep appearance. Forehead is wider than it is high. With a flat, deep, wide skull and strong cheek muscles.

Muzzle – The muzzle appearance is very thick. Jaws are very strong, defined, and muscled. Lips are black. 

Teeth – No overshot, no teeth showing – Disqualification – Overshot, wry Jaw

Eyes – Round, dark. Disqualifications – Crossed eyes

Ears – Natural, set high, rose, may drop, and be small

Forequarters – Shoulder blade laid back with a strong upper arm

Forelegs – Heavy boned, very muscular. Elbows set paralleled

Hindlegs – Thick & muscular, pasterns are straight and paralleled

Tail – Tail carried upright

Coat & Color – Soft to the touch, any color is accepted. Disqualification – Curly, wavy coat

Movement – effortless, powerful, and smooth. No paddling or crossing.

Height – Dog/male: 21”-28”               Bitch/Female: 19”-26”