Brief historical summary:

The Chihuahua is a national symbol of Mexico.  They are one of the oldest breeds in America.  Chihuahuas started showing up around 1890 in American dog shows. 

General Appearance:

A compact little dog with a sassy expression and swift movement.


Protective like a terrier, alert, confident, and with self-assurance. 

Skull, Head, and Neck: 

The Chihuahua should have an apple-dome-like skull.  Eyes are round but not protruding, set well apart.  Ears are held upright and are large.  The stop is well-defined and should form a near ninety-degree angle where the muzzle joins the skull when viewed from the front.  The muzzle should be reasonably short.  The bite is level or scissored.  The neck is marginally arched, sloping nicely into the shoulders.     


The topline should be level.  The ribs are well-sprung and rounded.  The tail is carried up or straight out. The Chihuahua’s shoulders are sloping into broadening support above the forelegs.  The forelegs are set well under and are straight.  The feet a small, with toes split up.  The toes should not be spread.  The rear should be muscular, not turning in or out, with the hocks set apart.  The rear angulation should match that of the front.   


The movement is firm and swift.  Should have an equal drive in the rear as the reach to the front.  The head should be carried high.  The topline should remain level during the movement. 


Smooth – The texture should be soft, short, and glossy.  Any color is accepted.

Long – The texture should be soft, flat, or semi-wavy.  Feathering on the ears and tail.  Any color is accepted.

Major faults: 

  • Shyness
  • Overshot or Undershot Bite


  • Any dog over 7 pounds in weight
  • Bilateral or Unilateral cryptorchid
  • Viciousness
  • Albinism
  • Drop or Cropped Ears
  • Bob or Cropped Tail
  • Albinism