Brief historical summary: 

The English Toy Spaniel (ETS) is an old breed.  The breed received its name from royal Stuarts. In England, the breed is known as the King Charles Spaniel.

General Appearance:

The ETS is a cobby toy dog with a short nose, domed head, and silky, flowing coat. 


The ETS should have a merry and affectionate demeanor.  They are bright, affectionate, and very willing to please. 

Skull, Head, and Neck: 

The ETS Skull is high and well-domed and should curve as far out over the eyes as possible.  The stop should be deep and well-defined.  The head is large in comparison to its size.  The expression is soft and appealing.  The eyes are large and dark, with little to no white showing.  Eye rims should be black.  The muzzle is very short, with the nose laid back with developed cushioning under the eyes.  The jaw is broad, square, and well turned up, with the lips meeting.  The bite is slightly undershot (teeth should not be showing).  The nose is jet black with wide open nostrils.  Ears are long, set low, close to the head, and fringed with substantial feathering.  The neck is moderate in length and nicely arched.


The ETS topline is level.  The body is short, compact, square, and deep.  They should have good rib and deep brisket.  The tail can be docked to four inches in length and carried at or slightly above the level of the back.  Short or screw tail is acceptable as some are born that way.  The tail feather should be silky and around three to four inches in length.  The shoulders should be well laid back.  The legs should be strong and heavy-boned.  They should drop straight down from the elbow and be strong in the pastern.  The feet are compact and neat.  Fused toes are often seen in this breed and are acceptable.  The rear legs are muscled with effective angulation and parallel of the hock. 


The ETS gait is elegant, with good reach in the front and sound driving rear action.  The profile view should show a good length of stride. 


Blenheim – Red and White – Pearly white with deep red markings evenly distributed in large patches.  Preference to those with red markings around both eyes.

Prince Charles – Tricolor – Pearly white with evenly distributed black patches, solid black ears, and black face markings.  Preference to those with black markings around both eyes.  The tan markings should be rich in color and present on the face, over the eyes, inside the ear, and underneath the tail.

King Charles – Black and Tan – Glossy Black with mahogany tan markings on the cheeks, inside the ear, over the eyes, legs, and under the tail.  A small white patch the size of a quarter or a few hairs on the chest should not be penalized.

Ruby – Rich Mahogany Red.  A small white patch the size of a quarter or a few hairs on the chest should not be penalized.

Major faults: 

  • Wry Mouth
  • Hanging Tongue
  • Overly White Markings on King Charles or Ruby