Breed Name Standard,Miniature,Toy Poodle 

Brief historical summary:

    The poodle is the National dog of France but originated in Germany. The breed name comes from the German word “Pudel” or “Pudelin” meaning “to splash in the water”. Poodles come in all sizes but all follow the same breed standard except for height. 

Poodles we’re bred originally as hunting dogs to water retrieve. Poodles are used today mostly as companions but can be very versatile. The poodle is a very smart and trainable breed. 

General Appearance: 

Poodles have a square outline, elegant neck,and a straight top line. Has a leggy appearance and long muzzle. 

Heights, Toy 10in or under

                Miniature 15in or under 

                Standard over 15inches 

Temperament: confident,friendly,playful and fun. 

 Skull, Head, Neck,Ears,Eyes, Tail, Feet

  The head is proportionate to the size of the dog with a long muzzle 

Skull is parallel to muzzle. 

Muzzle proportionate to size of the dog 

Scissor or even bite.  

Neck is elegant and proportionate to the size of dog. 

Ears are thick, long, and wide hanging close to the head. 

Eyes are dark colors and almond shape 

Tail should be docked to correct size of dog. Tail should be erect when moving. 

Feet are oval in shape not splayed or cat like

Body: Square outline. Straight top line. Legs appear long but still square. 

Gait: strait movement and springy 

should Not over reach or pace. 

Color White,black,silver,blue,party,apricot 


The hair should be groomed nicely and free of any tangles or knots. 

Can be shown in any clip. 

Major faults:  (ADD or DELETE here)

* lack of pigment on eyes lips and nose

•             lack of substance

* weak under jaw 

* Gay tail (over the back)

* Tail to low

•             bug eyes 

 •            thin, weak or ewe neck

•             upright shoulders

•             herring gut

•             cathedral chest

•             weak pasterns

•             toed out feet (front or rear)

•             toed in feet (front or rear)

•             cow or sickle hocks

•             bowed legs (front or rear)

•             splayed feet

•             crossing over (front or rear)

•             paddling

•             sidewinding

•             hackney movement

•             undershot or overshot bite

Disqualifications:  (ADD or DELETE here)

•             Viciousness

•             Shyness

•             Dwarfism

•             wry mouth

•             blue eyes

•             mismatched eye color

•             deafness

•             albinism

•             merle

•             cryptorchid

•             kinked tail